Photos 1 – 4. This is where I’m thinking of moving it. It is about 32 feet long, 24 feet wide. The boat is a 26. The docks are floating. In #2 you see the marina building. That is look toward the south more or less, that will tend to block the wind. I would tie the boat between the docks, center it, and put it as far out as I can. I can throw a really heavy anchor out from there as well.

The marina is closed. There won’t be anybody there tomorrow. I will probably get scolded for this, but tough crap. Look at my neighbor. Photo 9 – 12. This is a 35 footer, weighing probably 20,000 pounds. Look at his second line, for hurricane season. It looks like twine. The main line is frayed. He has no second line on the stern starboard. Nobody from the staff even went down the dock to see if the sailboats had double lines. So if they are pissed at me, I’ll piss right back at them.

I hope I’m not getting panicky, but in my opinion, if I don’t do this, the boat is gone. It’s insured, but I don’t want the insurance money, I want the boat.

Photos 1 and 2 are opposite views of the same area. 3 and 4 are angled views of it. I could also put it at dock A. As you see, there are really good bumpers on that, and that’s a floating dock as well. So it would bump off the dock, but there are large fenders.

The boat on the other side of me is about 34 feet. It sank in Hurricane Irma, she kept it. It looks well secured, but it’s a heavy sucker.

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